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Victor A. Montemurro
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St. John's University School of Education

EDU 9401: Introduction to Educational Research
Professor Jonathan T. Hughes, Ph.D.
Professor Frank L. Smith, Jr., Ed.D.
April/May 2002

COURSE DESCRIPTION on CD-ROM provided by Professor Hughes:
Educational leaders are now expected to know the essential elements of a broad spectrum of leadership and educational theories related to successful practice. To develop an understanding of the principles of scientific inquiry and theory and to apply theories to successful administrative planning and decision-making is one of the essential characteristics of good practice. Thus, the intent of this course  is to present the principles and characteristics of scientific inquiry with an eye toward developing a research “toolbox” for practitioners.



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To accomplish the goals stated in the course description, this course aims to: 

The above image is from an extensive lecture and presentation in the form of a Harvard Graphics slide show delivered by Professor Hughes at the start of this course. The notes from that lecture are as follows:

Dr. Hughes Lecture:
Scientific Research and the Study of Social Problems
Notes from Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4

Cohort members were invited to begin to think about possible research topics and encouraged to explore ideas that may lead to dissertation research. Readings were assigned from both Leedy and Wolpert. Groups worked on answering exercise questions specifically based on the reading from Wolpert. This work is included below as PDF hyperlinks:
Wolpert exercise one
Wolpert exercise two
Wolpert exercise three
Wolpert exercise five

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Using guidelines from Leedy, pp.11 & 12 on evaluating the research of others, cohort members were instructed to read research carefully and critically.
Research Evaluation Exercise

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Cohort members were required to explore current doctoral dissertations on file in the Center for Educational Leadership and Accountability to come to a clear understanding of the organization and purpose of each part of the research study process and product.

The following slide show may be viewed as an Astound presentation, which will run in the browser. This work explores the components of the research study.

The viewer may click through the slide show below or run the Astound executable. Click open to run. Continue to click once when slide is paused or to go to next slide.


ABC SnapGraphics is an application that was used to create graphic representations of ideas. The presentation may be viewed below or run as an executable file in the browser window



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Finally, doctoral students were asked to begin a research topic that followed the research study format and develop a graphic  presentation that incorporates the use of Astound and SnapGraphics. The Internet was used to explore a possible research study called "Teacher Self Assessment: Computer Integrated Professional Development. This topic was of interest to me at the time because I had served from from 1999 until 2002 as a technology staff developer for my school district. Click on the slide image to run the presentation. Click open to run. Continue to click once when slide is paused or to go to next slide.


The following PDF documents are the research background for the topic chosen. Click once to open the following PDF files:
Annotated web research on adult learning and computer professional development.
Technology integration self-assessment survey.

Primary Texts:

Leedy, P. &  Ormrod, J. (2001). Practical Research. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Wolpert, E. (1984). Understanding Educational Research in Education. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company .

Best, J. & Kahn, J.
(1998). Research in Education. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

Gall, Meredith and Borg, Walter. Educational Research: An Introduction.
New York: Longman Publishing.

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