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Victor A. Montemurro
Comprehensive Digital Portfolio
St. John's University School of Education

EDU 7801: Creating a Digital Portfolio
Professor Jonathan Hughes, Ph.D.
January/February 2004

SJU Graduate Bulletin 2000-2002

This course will provide background in: 
  • The organizational and management foundations of the Internet through the development of websites. 

  • The strategic role of Internet information technologies and resources. 

  • The know-how to use software to develop Internet linkages to information effectively and efficiently. 

  • Skills in managing Internet information resources. 

  • Strategies for managing the procurement of a variety of Internet information technologies. 

  • An understanding of hardware and software standards for website development and maintenance. 

  • Choosing among alternative Internet technology options. 

  • Developing concepts for managing and controlling the influence of the Internet in schools and organizations. 

  • Suggesting new uses for Internet technology.

  • Accessing, analyzing and communicating information through websites and the Internet.

Students will develop an understanding of Internet and website technology by examining and using a website design software package used in both the instructional
and administrative areas. Moreover, students will develop their own Internet information database and develop a formal Website whose design and scope will merge
Internet system philosophy with its operational form.



















This web site you are presently viewing is major revision (2004) of the original web site which was begun in 2002. The original web site may be viewed as an example of the work in progress that led to this current work. Click here to view the original web. Use the browser's back button to return to the current site. Both web sites are examples of my work toward achieving an acceptable comprehensive electronic portfolio that meets the requirements as set forth by the SJU educational leadership doctoral program of study.

Professor Hughes' web site for Creating a Digital Portfolio.

Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Portfolio: This downloadable PDF file includes Professor Hughes' background research on electronic portfolios at the doctoral level and various aspects of portfolio development including:







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SJU School of Education Comprehensive Digital Portfolio Copyright 2004 by Victor A. Montemurro. All right reserved.