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EDU 5741: Economics and Financing of Education
Professor Jonathan T. Hughes, Ph.D.
June 2003

SJU Graduate Bulletin 2000-2002

A study of public school financing at the local, state, and national levels of government within the context of the current fiscal constraints in educational support. Considers taxation theory and practice. state and federal aid concepts and formulae. Analyzes trends in sources and methods of school financing in light of recent court decisions, national studies and reports that are seeking to effect equal education opportunity through reform in the financing of education.



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The current school reform movement seeks systemic change through standards-based curricula and assessments. High expectations of both teachers and students require adequate funding sufficient to meet high standards. “However, the means of implementing and financing these systemic reforms in all schools and states remain to be determined” (King, Swanson, Sweetland, 2003, p.vi).

Professor Hughes' multimedia lecture: Financing Public Schools (PDF).

Terms and definitions from school finance.

Data abbreviations defined.

State achievement and finance data definitions.

Notes based on Professor Hughes' lecture



Suffolk County school districts African-American and Caucasian demographics according to the SCOPE Almanac.

The following matrix was provided by Professor Hughes as a way to how to understand data and analyze data for discovery, comparison, and synthesis. Univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis is aligned with appropriate methods, conclusions and software that may be used for presentation. Cohort two members were required to utilize all methods of presentation in the final finance project.

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Text :

King, R.A., Swanson, A.D., & Sweetland, S.R. (2003). School finance: Achieving high standards with equity and efficiency. (3rd.ed.). New York: Allyn & Bacon.

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