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Victor A. Montemurro
Comprehensive Digital Portfolio
St. John's University School of Education

EDU 5655: Data Analysis for Administration
Professor Jonathan T. Hughes, Ph.D.
June 2002

SJU Graduate Bulletin 2000-2002

This course provides an introduction to the principles  and practice of data processing as applied to schools.  Emphasis is placed on utilizing the computer for the analysis of data, for writing reports and the organization of school based information. The student learns to use appropriate software packages (SPSS-BMDP). Information retrieval, school simulation for problem solving, and the retrieval-development of a total information system is also considered.



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Text and Supplemental Texts

Course Products

The following artifacts of the course were developed from class notes, text study, practical application of the SPSS software package, and a simulated data analysis project which is presented as and essay (PDF) and a presentation. The presentation may be viewed on the page as  slide show or loaded into the browser window as a executable Astound file.

The course weekends were exciting for cohort members because we engaged in authentic activities creating surveys, analyzing data, using the software application, and developing presentations and sharing conclusions.

Introduction to Descriptive Statistics and SPSS - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

Survey Development and Data Collection

Astound presentation: Cohort Data Exercise

Essay: Teacher Negotiations Data

Astound presentation: Urbana Teacher Negotiation Project

Data Analysis Final Project Directions

Essay: Urbana Data Final Project (PDF):
"The Process and Products of Learning: Curricular Efficacy Perceptions in Urbana School District"

Astound presentation: Urbana Data Final Project


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